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Luigi Maroni

Don Luigi Maroni

The Maroni crime family was an organized crime syndicate that was a part of the Sicilian Mafia. They controlled large portions of area in Los Angeles, rivaling the Falcone crime family, Chechen Gang,Gambol Gang and Dimitrov crime family for control of the city. They dissolved in 2008 with Salvatore Maroni's murder by the LAPD.

History Edit

The Maroni crime family was founded in 1960 by Don Luigi Maroni, an immigrant from Sicily. Maroni decided to move his operations to Los Angeles, detesting at challenging the Corleone crime family for control of the Mafia hotspots of New York City and Miami. The Maroni family participated in drug rackets, prostitution brothels, gentleman's clubs, adult entertainment, arms smuggling, and various other felonies. The Maronis were greatly weakened in 1979 when Boss Maroni was gunned down in the Atlantic City Massacre.  He was succeeded by the middle son, Salvatore Maroni, who quickly returned the family to its prewar strength. In 1984, he began to muscle in on the Falcone family and fought over the future of Arkham City, hoping to make it into a garbage dump by manipulating voters; Falcone also manipulated voters to make the city an apartment row. Maroni hired Richard Gladwell to fight Falcone, but he played both sides of the conflict. That same year, his restaurant was shot up and money stolen, but it was rescued by his worker Oswald Cobblepot, whom he promoted to manager after the previous manager was killed. The ending vote let Maroni have a dump and let Falcone have apartments, giving Maroni some land and wounding Falcone's family.

In 2005, following the end of the Falcones, the Maronis became the leading syndicate ruling Los Angeles, sharing power with several other families and street gangs, most notably the Chechens, Blacks, and Russians. In 2008, the NYPD destroyed the gang, with an undercover agent shooting Maroni's driver of his car, causing a car crash.

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