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Marty Malone
Marty Malone
Biographical Information
Aliases Monk
Gender Male
Born April 14, 1919
Little Italy, NYC
Died July 26, 1953
Little Italy, NYC
Affiliation Cuneo Cuneo
Corleone Corleone
Trapani Clemenza
Title(s) Associate
Marty "Monk" Malone was an Irish-American mobster and an associate of the feared Corleone crime family, although he later joined the Witness Protection Program and became an FBI informant. He was murdered by his old friend Aldo Trapani, a Capo of the Corleone family.

Biography Edit

Marty Malone was born in Little Italy, New York City to an Irish mother and father. His mother died when he was young, so his sister Frances Malone took care of their father in the 1940s. Malone was recruited by the local mob Capo Peter Clemenza, who ran operations in Little Italy and Brooklyn for the Corleones.

In 1945, he met Aldo Trapani, a future friend (and enemy). Malone made his bones alongside Trapani when they beat up Socs Jerry Wagner and Kevin Moonan as a favor to Amerigo Bonasera, whose daughter was savagely beaten by them when they were drunk. He was critically wounded when he was shot by a few Tattaglia goons who also shot Vito Corleone, the boss of Clemenza. He was sent to the hospital, where he was nearly killed by another Tattaglia assassin who thought that he was Don Corleone, who was also in the hospital with near-deadly wounds. He recovered soon, but Malone was nearly arrested on New Years' Eve when Paulie Gatto, a Corleone turncoat for the Tattaglia crime family, called the NYPD to lock up Sonny Corleone, Malone, Trapani, and other key Corleone figures who were attending a New Years' party at Rosa's. He was freed by Trapani, who shot Chief Jim Galtosino and later on, was ordered to put a hit out on Paulie Gatto.

Malone's friendship with Trapani ended when his sister, who was dating Trapani, was kidnapped from her Chateau Leive apartment and was shot by Tattaglia Underboss Bruno Tattaglia. In revenge, Trapani killed him, but not before Malone switched to the side of the Cuneo crime family, a rival one of the Five Families. Not knowing that Malone was a mole, the Corleones resumed regular operations, and attacked the Cuneo fronts, but Malone warned the Cuneo family and their racket boss Dario Cicco ran before the Corleones could get him, and was only killed after a lengthy car chase. One year later, in 1951, Sonny Corleone was murdered by the Tattaglias, Cuneos, Barzinis, and Straccis, who sent a congregation of hitmen to gather on the Little Italy Toll Plaza to kill him. This impaired the Corleones, ending their domination of Manhattan.

Malone was revealed as a dirty Corleone in 1953 when he shot Agent David Cooper, his handler (he was also an FBI informant), in The Peak, proving that he was a traitor. Jimmy DeNunzio and Aldo Trapani chased him down to the Va Va Voom Room, where he was escorted by several Cuneo enforcers, but was eventually cornered. He was shot several times by Trapani with a Tommy Gun and died on the stage in the club.

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