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Mel Robinstein
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born March 4, 1956
Brooklyn, New York City
Died May 29, 2008
Meadow Hills, New York City
Affiliation Roth crime family (ties)
Meadow Hills Mob
Title(s) Don
Mel Robinstein was the first boss of the Meadow Hills Mob, a Jewish crime syndicate. Robinstein frequently fought with the Messina crime family and the Italian Mafia, but also fought against the several black gangs. In 2008, he was murdered by the Messinas.

Biography Edit

Robinstein was born in Brooklyn, New York City, to Shmuel Robinstein and Marketa Hausser. His father was a Polish Jew, his mother a Czechoslovakian woman. In 1945, his father moved to America after being liberated from the Mauthausen concentration camp, and became a lawyer in New York City for the Roth crime family, a Jewish family that had control over the casino business in parts of New York, as well as most of Miami and Havana. As a child, Robinstein attended Jewish private school, as his father became rich and he was in some of the best classes in New York City. In 1972, years after the death of Hyman Roth, his father died of a heart attack, and the money went to Robinstein. He inherited only a small portion of money, as his father was virtually bankrupt following Roth's murder in 1960, and the near-destruction of the Roth syndicate. Robinstein brokered deals with union bosses, and gained money through the drug distribution business. He quarrelled with Sam Messina, who was a powerful Italian Mafia boss, and murdered his henchmen to take over the cocaine trade. In 1985, Messina was murdered by his Capo Harvey Noto, and Noto transformed the Messinas from a weak family to one of the strongest in New York City, maybe even the whole USA. Noto struck back by stealing Robinstein's Israeli shipment of opium at the New York Harbor, and Robinstein was crippled money-wise. Robinstein made money again by helping Isaac Roth, the next leader of the Roth family, in taking over rackets and in murdering corrupt cops that were bent for the Italians, and Robinstein broke off his ties with drug dealing and started racketeering.

Life worked well for Robinstein, and he was able to build up his criminal organization in Meadow Hills, and made it a strong Jewish Mob neighborhood. The Jewish mobsters there became rich, and sent slices of their income to Robinstein, who became a rich man. By 2008, he had 2,000 employees and 16,000 trucks working for RobinSteinway Shipping Co., a pun on his name and Steinway, where it was based.

In May 2008, the Messina Don Harvey Noto sent his trusted soldier Mark Barone to approach Robinstein and ask for a truce. They agreed, but when Robinstein's drug money decreased, he murdered a Messina associate Ben Masarelli and Barone returned to Meadow Hills, and killed Robinstein as he was cruising through the streets in his black Cadillac with three bodyguards. His organization's new leader was recognized as Yitzhak Robinstein, his son.

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