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Metropolitan Shootout
Natural History Museum
Conflict: Mob wars
Date: September 20, 2008
Place: Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Central Park, New York City
Outcome: Deal failed

The Lost MC
Ancelotti crime family

Pegorino crime family
Jewish Mafia


Luis Lopez
Niko Bellic
Johnny Klebitz

Isaac Roth
Mori Green


three men

Jewish Mob: eleven mobsters
Pegorinos: 10 mobsters



Jews: all killed
Pegorinos: all killed

The Metropolitan Shootout was a three-way firefight between the Pegorino crime family; the Jewish Mafia; and members of The Lost MC, Ancelotti crime family, and Hillside Posse that began when a diamond deal went bad. The latter escaped, while many Pegorinos and Jews were killed.

Battle Edit

Mori Green and Isaac Roth of the Jewish Mafia met with Johnny Klebitz and Niko Bellic, who were selling diamonds for Ray Boccino. However, Luis Lopez, a hitman for the Ancelotti crime family, shot up the meeting, killing Green and several mobsters from the Rossman Crew, and Bellic and Klebitz fled as well. The NYPD stormed the museum, and an intense shootout broke out as the three gunmen fled, Lopez escaping in Yusuf Amir's Buzzard helicopter. Klebitz killed many Jewish mobsters and then stole the diamonds, taking them for himself. He exited through the back, and killed all of Ray's guys, chasing down the last of the Pegorinos in a car chase.

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