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Florida 1959

Miami in 1959

Miami is a city located in the US state of Florida, on the southernmost tip. It is the largest Cuban enclave in America, and one of the largest cities. Because of its high Cuban population, most of the city's gangs are Hispanic, although in the 1950s, the Corleone crime family and Tony Rosato's Gang had a strong hold on the city. In the 1980s, Miami became the center of the cocaine trade in the USA, with the Montana Cartel eliminating the Diaz Brothers, Gomez Cartel, Sosa Cartel, and Contreras Cartel, taking over the city. It is divided into a mainland city and some islands attached by bridges, while there are also many islands south of Miami as well. It is divided into Dodge Island, Flamingo, Deco Beach, Palmetto, Biscayne, Little Havana, Downtown Miami, North Beach, Beach Drive, South Beach, Trailer Park, Shady GroveBeach Drive, the Miami Industrial Zone, and many other neighborhoods.

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