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Miami Industrial Zone

Location of the Industrial Zone in Miami.

The Miami Industrial Zone is a neighborhood on an island in Miami connected by bridges to North Beach and Downtown. Due to its proximity to Downtown, it was heavily influenced by Nacho's Gang, who had a strong presence in Downtown in the 1980s, when the Montana Cartel took it over.

History Edit

The Miami Industrial Zone is what it seems to be; an area filled with factories and smokestacks. The Industrial Zone was an impoverished community, as the poor people worked at the Nuclear Power Plants, and the wealthy lived in North Beach and South Beach. It was considered a part of the Downtown Miami District, as it was close in proximity to Downtown itself.

In the 1970s-80s, the Industrial Zone was influenced by Nacho's Gang, a gang that was based in Downtown, and was the most powerful gang in Miami. The Industrial Zone was conquered in 1983 by Tony Montana's cartel after he killed all of the Contreras Cartel members in their Gang nest there. However, after Montana's death, the zone was abandoned by the criminal underworld, but individual criminals operated there.

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