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Milos Kopecky
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born July 15, 1973
Podgorica, Montenegro
Died April 28, 2008
Manhattan, New York City
Affiliation Albanians
Title(s) Soldier
Milos Kopecky was an Albanian gangster who was a member of the Albanians, a NYC-based street gang. In 2008, Kopecky was killed in a gunfight with the Bellic Gang.

Biography Edit

Kopecky was born in Montenegro in the country of Yugoslavia, and in 1987, his family moved to America after political trouble in Yugoslavia. Kopecky's family settled down in Little Bay in New York City, and in 1993, he was arrested on charges of murder, allegedly shooting a hot dog vendor. Kopecky was let out of prison later that year for good behavior, and his family kicked him out of their home, so local Albanians Gang OG Anton Andrescu invited him to join the gang. Kopecky carried out murders for the Albanian Mafia, until 2008, when loan shark and Albanians leader Dardan Petrela was killed. He was murdered shortly after by Niko Bellic, a newly-arrived Serb immigrant, who shot him at the Dukes-Algonquin Expressway and threw him in the trunk of his Schafter car. The car was driven to the trash heap near Bohan and disposed of.

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