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Bugs Moran

Bugs Moran

The Moran Gang, also known as the North Side gang, was a Prohibition-era gang of Irish, German, and Jewish mobsters led by Bugs Moran. They took part in bootlegging, as well as fighting mob wars against the South Side gang of Al Capone. In 1929, after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, the band dissolved and Moran died of lung cancer in jail, and no fanfare was played at his funeral.

Hierarchy Edit

Boss: Dion O'Banion †, Hymie Weiss †, Vincent DrucciBugs Moran

Consigliere: Samuel Morton and Adam Heyer

Underboss: Albert Kachallek

Enforcers: Frank Gusenberg † and Peter Gusenberg

Soldati: Jack Alterie †, John Duffy †, Ted Newbury †, and Jack Zuta

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