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Myles Kennefick
Myles Kennefick
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born June 7, 1973
Southie Projects, Boston
Died September 19, 2006
Boston, Massachusetts
Affiliation Costello Gang
Title(s) Associate
Myles Kennefick was an Irish-American hoodlum raised in the Southie Projects of Boston who was murdered in 2006 after stealing 20 microprocessors, $100,000 each.

Biography Edit

Myles Kennefick was born to a poor Irish-American family in the South Boston projects. His father was the owner of the Hibernian Liquor Mart. Kennefick was involved with the Irish Mob, as were many poor Bostonians, and got into work at a microprocessor plant with a forged UMass transcript, made by Francis Costello, his boss. In September 2006, he attempted to steal 20 microprocessors, which could build several missiles, from his job, and succeeded, booking a flight for Florida to avoid facing criminal charges. However, a day later, he was found in a dumpster, murdered by the mob, who had taken the microprocessors from him to sell to the Chinese government. His mother believed that he probably did something wrong for the gangsters to allegedly murder him, as she was the girlfriend of Arnold French.

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