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Nacho Contreras
Ignacio Contreras
Biographical Information
Aliases "Nacho"
"El Gordo"
Gender Male
Born Flag of Mexico Mexico
Died 1983
Flag of Cayman Islands Black Sands, Cayman Islands
Affiliation Contreras Cartel
Title(s) Boss
Ignacio "El Gordo" Contreras, better known as Nacho Contreras, was a Mexican-American Miami drug lord . The leader of the Contreras Cartel of Downtown Miami, he was once the richest man in Miami. He was murdered by his rivals, the Montana Cartel, in 1983.

Biography Edit

Ignacio "Nacho" Contreras was born in Mexico, and he immigrated to the United States in the 1950s. Contreras became the head of a vast Mexican-American drug cartel in Downtown Miami, and he owned the Babylon Club, making him millions of dollars. Contreras rose to become the richest man in Miami, and Contreras was feared by many due to his power and cruelty. In 1983, he became an enemy of Tony Montana, who sought to retake Miami from the other gangs. Montana first took Little Havana from the Diaz Brothers, and he proceeded to muscle in on the Downtown district, taking over Nacho's businesses and Marina Storehouse. Tony also assisted the Blood Brothers, Contreras' other enemies, against him in turf warfare and hits, weakening Nacho.

Death Edit

Nacho Contreras death

Nacho Contreras' violent doom.

Tony Montana headed to the Cayman Islands to assist The Sandman, an ally against his enemy Alejandro Sosa. While there, he found out that Nacho ran a casino in the hull of an abandoned oil tanker on Black Sands. He was also responsible for beating women and throwing their bodies to the sharks. After taking over Downtown and increasing his reputation, Montana headed to the ship and killed several of Contreras' men. He cornered Contreras on the deck, and Contreras jumped overboard and tried to swim to his ship. Montana shot him a few times with a sniper rifle, and Contreras' blood attracted a shark, which swallowed him. His cartel was hunted down and destroyed by Montana and his allies after his death.