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Nereo Sinagra
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born August 30, 1983
DUMBO, The Bronx
Died December 19, 2008
Throggs Neck, The Bronx
Affiliation Pegorino crime family
Title(s) Associate
Nereo Sinagra was a mobster of Italian-American ethnicity, who was an associate of the Pegorino crime family. He was from The Bronx, where he was a member of the Pizzoferrato Crew. In 2008, Sinagra and other Pegorinos were killed in an ambush by The Lost MC at a RON Gas Station.

Biography Edit

Sinagra was born in an Italian-American enclave in The Bronx in the neighborhood of DUMBO. Sinagra became surrounded by organized crime figures such as Bacco Pizzoferrato, who was at the time a soldier in the Pegorino crime family. Sinagra became affiliated with him, and was an associate of his, running a local RON Gas Station in Throggs Neck. Sinagra was hanging out at the station when a crew of bikers, led by Clay Simons, attacked him and a crew of Pegorino enforcers at 8:00 PM, and all of them were killed by the Lost MC. 

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