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Nico Baltiseri
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 28, 1914
Little Italy, New York City
Died December 2, 1955
Holland Tunnel
Affiliation Tattaglia Tattaglia crime family
Title(s) Associate
Nico Baltiseri was an Italian-American truck driver who was an associate of the Tattaglia crime family. Baltiseri's truck was highjacked in 1955 and Baltiseri was killed in the attack.

Biography Edit

Baltiseri was born to a Sicilian immigrant family that was originally from Caltagirone, Sicily. Baltiseri was employed as a truck driver as a young man, and that became his business for most of his life. He was also an associate of the Italian Mafia, since he drove racket trucks for the Tattaglia crime family, filled with smuggled goods worth a mint. In 1955, the Trapani crime family head Aldo Trapani shot at the truck, killing the two enforcers in the back and forcing Baltiseri to give him the keys. His soldier Raphael Baggio then proceeded to execute Baltiseri, and they drove the racket truck to the Waterside Warehouse in New Jersey, selling the contents for $2,900.

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