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Triad capo
No Chin
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 16, 1940
Los Angeles, California
Died September 11, 1997
Los Angeles, California
Affiliation Triad Uncle Fu's Gang
Title(s) Underboss
No Chin was a Chinese-American mobster who was the Underboss of Uncle Fu's Gang, the nephew of Uncle Fu. No Chin was best-known for being an alcoholic who was paranoid, killing many of his own men to get rid of powerful members. He was murdered in late 1997 by Chow Yun Thin.

Biography Edit

No Chin was born in Los Angeles to Huang Chin, a legitimate businessman who was the owner of Chin's Soup Bowl, a protection racket owned by Fu Chin, his dying uncle who was extremely old. He was the manager of the restaurant from 1958, as Huang Chin was murdered by the Italian Mafia. He became the acting Boss of Uncle Fu's Gang in 1960, and he became a drunkard later in life, affecting his rule over his gang. No Chin almost started a mob war in 1997 by planting car bombs in a Yakuza limousine, in Jimmy the Shovel's car, and in Hung Well's car, so Hang Yu and Bubba Schwartz defused all of the bombs. After this attempt was defeated, he sent Su Ker to kill Chow Yun Thin, his Underboss, but Su Ker was killed at Tam Pon's Authentic Cambodian Food, and Chow Yun Thin retaliated by murdering No Chin at Bao Nur's Chinese Food Restaurant.

No Chin was shot twice in the chest with an Assassin's Pistol, the bullets dipped in cyanide, and he died instantly. His bodyguards refused to attack Chow Yun Thin, since they were loyal to Uncle Fu, not to No Chin.

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