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Norman Rossi
Norman Rossi
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born October 8, 1920
The Bronx, New York City
Died February 15, 1959
Triboro, Queens
Affiliation Trapani Clemenza Family
CR Carmine Rosato's Family
Title(s) Underboss
Norman Rossi was an Italian-American mobster who was a member of Pete Clemenza's Gang as an enforcer. In 1959, he took what he had and left to join Clemenza. Capo and Underboss of Carmine Rosato's family when Rosato deserted new Clemenza Don Frank Pentangeli's organization. Rossi hung out at the Baja Inc. Construction Site, where he was murdered by the Corleone crime family.

Biography Edit

Rossi was born in The Bronx to an Italian immigrant family in 1920, the last years of the Sicilian exodus. Rossi became associated with Peter Clemenza, who was a Capo of the Corleone crime family, in 1945, and became a low-level enforcer. In 1952, when Don Michael Corleone allowed Clemenza to form his own vassal family that would rule over the Corleone territory in New York, Rossi became a soldier for Peter Clemenza. In 1958, Clemenza died of a heart attack, and Frank Pentangeli became don, refusing to allow his Caporegimes Tony and Carmine Rosato to take the territories that he had promised them after Clemenza died. Carmine split off and made a family in New York City, and Rossi joined him; Tony took over Corleone interests in Florida. Rossi became Carmine's right-hand man, a loyal but misguided enforcer for his family.

In 1959, a mob war began between Michael Corleone and Carmine Rosato's rebel faction, and Corleone Capo Dominic, who became the Don of the New York crime family, ordered for hits to be put out on Carmine's made men. First, Franklin Credi was killed, a soldier under Rossi. However, what was strange about the Rossi assassination was that no intelligence on his whereabouts were supplied to Dominic's crew; Dominic happened to be driving through Triboro when he saw Carmine Rosato enforcers at the Baja Inc. Construction Site, where Rossi set up his base of operations.

Dominic and his soldiers Jimmy Lira and Bill Bardi assaulted the construction site, killing all of Rossi's enforcers. They reached the third floor, where they beat Rossi up, and shot him execution-style in the back of the head with a pistol. Rossi's enforcers Gordon Greco, Leon Campi, Daniel Antella, Joseph Hardo, James Costa, Warren Russo, Leon CompagniLeon Gallo, Alvin Guzzali, Earl Vanni, Dave Corbinelli, and Jimmy Badia were also killed. After Rossi's death, Carmine Rosato called Dominic's apartment's telephone, and arranged for a peace meeting at Richie's Tavern. However, it turned out to be an ambush in revenge for Rossi, but it was defeated.

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