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The Northern Gardens Boyz is a street gang that was founded in 2002 by Claybourne Agerton, a Jamaican drug dealer and addict. They were part of the Hop-Skotch Mafia, as the Jamaican Mafia was nicknamed. The gang had 400 HSM members in 2008 at its height. On June 20, Agerton was murdered, and was succeeded by his trusted lieutenant Rob Downes.

History Edit

Agerton founded the gang in 2002 after working as a businessman of sorts, founding Poker-Boy's Club, which was a part of his gambling operation. The NGB also operated the Garden of Eden and Hot Stuff nightclubs, which were also prostitution rackets. The NGB had enemies in the Angels of Death, The Lost MC, and The Commission, but also fought with the Northwood Dominicans over drug dealers in proxy wars (they murdered pro-Dominican dealers). Agerton had $1,000,000 at the height of his career and hired 400 gangsters to cruise around the streets. His men were of mixed ethnicity: most were Jamaican, but African-Americans and Hispanics were permitted; all whites who tried to join were killed, because Agerton wanted to emulate popular American gangs. In 2008, Agerton was murdered by The Lost MC, after six years of power, and Rob Downes took over the gang. He is the current leader.

Family Edit

Boss: Claybourne Agerton (deceased), Rob Downes

Underboss: Rob Downes (formerly), Chucky Willis

Caporegimes: Ben Parkins, Jonas Pudgerly, and Willy Hampton

Soldiers: Bryan Kimberling (deceased), Bruce Arnold (deceased), E. Peterford, Geoffrey Hughes, and Gerard Hitler

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