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Orlando Barone
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born December 12, 1976
The Bronx, New York City
Died August 15, 2008
Jersey City, New Jersey
Affiliation Mafia Pegorino Family
Title(s) Soldier
Orlando Barone was an American mobster who was affiliated with the Pegorino crime family. He was a good friend of Pegorino Soldier Johnny Tosca. He was arrested by the NYPD in 2008 in a drug raid, and was killed in a prison breakout.

Biography Edit

Barone was born in New York City to Sicilian-American parents Ottavio and Alessandra, but he moved to New Jersey at the age of eighteen. Barone became friends with Johnny Tosca, another New Yorker who was also of Italian descent. Both of them joined the Mafia, as Barone was offered association with the Pegorino crime family because he was known to be intelligent yet ruthless. Barone and Tosca were both soldiers under Capo Michael Frazone, who was a father figure to Tosca.

In 2008, Barone became hooked on marijuana, and started to develop an addiction. He was arrested in 2008 after the NOOSE and FBI found his location because of a trail of weed that led to his apartment. Barone was sent to prison, but he attempted to break out with the aid of Tosca and other associates. They escaped, but Barone was killed as he entered Tosca's Schafter.

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