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Orlo Rupov
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Old Man"
"The Killer"
Gender Male
Born April 2, 1950
Kaliningrad, Soviet Union
Died November 6, 2008
Jackson Heights, Queens
Affiliation Petrovic crime family
Title(s) Associate
Orlo "The Old Man" Rupov was a Russian-American career criminal who was associated with the Petrovic crime family of the Russian Mafia, taking part in the murders of several Italian mobsters in Sheepshead Bay in 1995, and was arrested for years. In 2008, he was killed by The Lost MC, a rival gang.

Biography Edit

Orlo Rupov was born in the Soviet Union in 1950, and in the 1970s, became a career assassin, operating for and against the KGB. Rupov was a renowned cop killer, but was employed by the Soviet government as a hitman who took out political enemies. Rupov became associated with the Petrovic Family in 1982, and in 1990, moved to the United States with the rest of the organization. Rupov was an elderly man, yet in 1994, resumed contract killing. In 1995, he was responsible for the Rudy Getrov murder in Brighton Beach and the killings of fifteen Pavano crime family mobsters in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and was arrested. He was sentenced to fifteen years, but escaped prison in 2003 and resumed Mafia Work.

In 2008, he was ordered to kill several member of The Lost MC in revenge for the deaths of many Russian Mafia made men by the Lost Brotherhood. He shot five of them in separate apartments, and The Lost retaliated. Rupov was killed in his black Cavalcade van in Jackson Heights in Queens, north of Brooklyn, while his enforcers who were in nearby vans wounded his killer, Johnny Klebitz, and the Lost MC fled the scene.

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