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Jamaican Boss
Oscar Jai
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born April 8, 1955
Kingston, Jamaica
Died August 9, 2008
The Triangle, New York City
Affiliation Jamaican Mafia Hematite Street Gang
Title(s) Boss
Oscar Jai was a Jamaican crime boss who was the founder and leader of the Hematite Street Gang, which controlled a small portion of The Triangle, and was involved in the drug trade of New York City. In 2008, he was killed when The Lost MC stormed his hideaway.

Biography Edit

Jai was born in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. When he was seventeen, his family moved to America to pursue the Rastafarian movement, as they were strict Rastafari believers. Jai became addicted to drugs when he was a young adult, and founded a gang known as the Hematite Street Gang in 1972, and by 2008, had become rich through the cocaine trade in New York City. He made enemies with the Russian Mafia, The Lost MC, and the Messina crime family, and in August 2008, The Lost MC stormed his hideaway at the Hematite Street construction site, and Jai was killed by five shots from a M4A1 Carbine, fired by Johnny Klebitz. His whole gang was eliminated in the attack.

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