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Ballas Leader
Paul Grant Goodson
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born May 9, 1950
East Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Died September 11, 1992
East Los Santos, Los Angeles
Affiliation Ballas Ballas
Title(s) Leader
PG Goodson was a member of the Ballas gang of Los Angeles, who was responsible for the murder of Beverly Johnson in early 1992. He was killed by her son Carl Johnson.

Biography Edit

Paul Grant Goodson was born in 1950 in East Los Angeles to a family of African descent. Goodson was a poor man, so he ran with the Ballas gang since they were founded in 1978. PG Goodson led his own crew of twenty followers in East Los Angeles, and fought the Grove Street Families. Goodson was involved in the drive-by shooting in Watts, which killed an innocent woman, the mother of the intended target, Sweet Johnson.

The GSF got their revenge when Carl Johnson drove to East Los Santos with his homies and they shot at a crowd of Ballas, killing all six of them. Goodson was among the dead, and East Los Santos was taken over by the GSF.

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