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Vincenzo Cilli
Peter Cumano
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born August 18, 1959
Astoria, Queens, New York City
Died June 11, 1998
Triboro, Queens, New York City
Affiliation Mafia Gambetti
Title(s) Soldier
Peter Cumano was an Italian-American career criminal who was a soldier in the Amisano Crew of the Gambetti crime family. Cumano was one of the close friends of Burt Amisano, but Amisano allowed his murder by the Messina crime family since Cumano had murdered ten Messina associates.

Biography Edit

Cumano was born to a family of Italian heritage, coming from the Province of Trapani, Sicily. Cumano's father was a bartender at Russo's Bar in Astoria, Queens, working Craps games for the Mafia as well as serving alcoholic beverages to them. Cumano was made an associate ever since he started working at the bar, and became a crew member of Burt Amisano, a Gambetti Capo. Amisano was close to Cumano because of his father's friendship with Amisano before Peter came of age, and he was always at his side in bank heists or mob wars.

In 1998, Cumano was dangerously close to provoking a mob war, bringing gang heat up by murdering ten associates of the Messina crime family, rivals of the Gambettis. Messina Soldier Ralph Guzzo met with Amisano, telling him that the reason why he wanted to whack Cumano was in revenge for his actions against his family. Amisano reluctantly agreed, as it was a good reason, and Cumano was also driving the family onto the warpath.

Cumano was murdered when he was approached in a bar by Guzzo and a fellow made man of the Messina crime family, and Guzzo stuck his hand to a table with a knife, and slammed a glass bottle onto his head. Then, he shot his unconscious body three times with a handgun, and threw him into the trunk of his car. The car was driven to Amisano Crushing Co., where the car was destroyed with the body inside.

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