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Peter Falcone
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born June 11, 1975
Newark, New Jersey
Died August 10, 2008
Portside, New Jersey
Affiliation Pegorino Family
Title(s) Soldier
Peter Falcone was an Italian-American mobster who was most famous for being a soldier in the Pegorino crime family, under Capo Ray Boccino. He was murdered in 2008 by The Lost MC biker gang.

Biography Edit

Peter Falcone was born to Michael Francis Falcone and Abigail Isabella Verona, two Sicilian parents who came over from the town of Noto, Sicily. Falcone was raised in a Catholic school, since his family was a rich one, and he encountered Pegorino Capo Ray Boccino in 2001, and was "made" into the Pegorino crime family after helping him steal a black Lamborghini from an Ancelotti car garage. Falcone was ambushed by The Lost MC biker gang in 2008, as they were enemies of the Pegorinos (although Billy Grey did occasional business with them), and Falcone was shot dead inside of his car.

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