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The Petrovic crime family is an organized crime syndicate that is a part of a bigger organization, the Russian Mafia. It is among the Three Families of the Russian Mafia in New York City, the others being the Bulgarin crime family and Rascalov crime family (formerly the Faustin crime family). The family is led by Pakhan Kenny Petrovic, the most powerful Russian mob boss in all of the United States, and has over 2,000 members. Their main business was chop shops and car smuggling, but also purchased cocaine, extorted businesses, and traded marijuana with other gangs and families.

History Edit

Kenny Petrovic immigrated to New York City in 1988 for criminal purposes, founding his own organization. He allied with the Faustin crime family, which was another powerful syndicate, led by Mikhail Faustin. Petrovic and his son, Lenny Petrovic, built a great criminal empire by taking over several protection rackets. He extorted hundreds of businesses, and made millions of dollars. Petrovic soon became the greatest of all of the Russian Mafia bosses in NYC, controlling miles of territory in Brooklyn.

Problems arose between the Petrovic Family and Faustin Family in 2008 when Don Faustin ordered his associate Nikolai Bellic to murder Lenny Petrovic, whom he thought was a rat for the FBI; he was really paranoid, and his state of mind was deteriorating. Petrovic got his revenge by ordering Bellic and Faustin's Underboss Dimitri Rascalov to murder Faustin, and he would spare their lives. They did so, killing Faustin at Perestroika Cabaret, and Rascalov took over the now-renamed Rascalov crime family, and allied with Petrovic.

The Petrovic Family were allied to the Hillside Posse, Albanians, and Ancelotti crime family, and fought constantly with the Angels of Death and the Triads. The Petrovics were famous for their war with the AOD MC, raiding a cocaine deal between the bikers and the Pegorino crime family, and killing all of the gangsters and Angels of Death, as well as stealing all of the money and the drugs.

The Petrovics are still the undisputed master of the USA's Bratva, and Kenny Petrovic holds the title of Bratski Krug. The Petrovic crime family took over most of New York City following the fall of the Rascalov crime family and Bulgarin crime family, but rival The Lost MC, Lee Triad, and Armando Torres' drug gang for territories in New Jersey and Manhattan.

Family Edit

Pakhan: Kenny Petrovic

Underboss: Lenny Petrovic (deceased)

Brigadiers: Sasha Zacharov (deceased), Paul Zhukov (deceased), Yevdokim Fenenko (deceased), Viktor Novakovsky, Vyacheslav Vyshinsky, Alek Golitsin, and Oriel Baikov

Boyeviki: Vladilen Briansky (deceased), Antosha Glazunov (deceased), Zorin Ilyich (deceased), Boyan Anikanov (deceased), Demian Baburin (deceased), Dobromir Susin (deceased), Miroslav Golubov (deceased), Nikita Esmond (deceased), Burian SherikovAlek Pechenkin, Mishe Novokoff, Mishe Khersontsev, Antosha Sotnikova, Hedeon Bykovsky, Anatolii Chekhol, and Rurik Borisenko

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