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Albanian Mafia associates.

The Presidents City Albanians are a set of the Albanians gang, led by Jordan Petrovic. On August 2, the Presidents City Albanians were close to destruction when they were attacked by The Lost MC, but the NYPD intervened and arrested Lost MC President Johnny Klebitz on the spot, stopping the elimination of the Albanians.

History Edit

The Presidents City Albanians were founded in 1989 when the Albanians immigrated to America, founding the Albanian Gang. The Presidents City Set was one of the first sets to be established, besides the Little Bay Albanians and Hove Beach Albanians. The Presidents City Albanians were nearly eliminated in a The Lost MC attack on a convoy of Albanian mobsters in Lower Easton-Presidents City's border area, but the NYPD arrested Lost MC leader Johnny Klebitz during the fight and the Lost MC fled. They maintain a formidable presence there.

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