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Russian Soldier
Pyotr Pavelov
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born January 19, 1980
Murmansk, Russia
Died May 25, 2008
Bohan, New York City
Affiliation Bulgarin crime family
Title(s) Soldier
Pyotr Pavelov was a Russian mobster who was affiliated with the Bulgarin crime family. He was a soldier under Andrei Polkovsky, a local mob Capo, who controlled the NYC neighborhood of Bohan. In 2008, he was killed by bikers.

Biography Edit

Pavelov was born in Murmansk, in the USSR province of Karelia. He immigrated to America at the age of four with his family, and lived in the neighborhood of Bohan. He became associated with mob Capo Andrei Polkovsky in 1998 after shining his shoes, and he became a made man in 2005. In 2008, he was assisting Polkovsky in enforcing Russian Mob rule in the neighborhood by driving throughout Bohan, when the Lost MC gang attacked the convoy of three cars, with six mobsters, and every mobster was gunned down before the bikers fled the scene.

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