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New York 1959

Queens in 1959; red dots are rackets of the Corleone crime family.

Queens is one of the five boroughs of New York City, made up of the neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Corona, Hollis, Jamaica, Flushing, Meadow Hills, Meadows Park, Dodge Island, Long Island City, Forest Hills, Queensbridge, Ward's Island, Randall's IslandTriboro, Astoria, Shoreside, and Ozone Park. It is currently the territory of the Gambino crime family, but it was controlled by the Corleone crime family in 1959.

History Edit

Queens is one of the five boroughs of NYC, and the largest. It has a considerable Italian population, and it is the territory of the Gambino crime family, although in the 1950s, it was the territory of Corleone Capo Aldo Trapani and his successor Dominic, while Frank Pentangeli operated mainly in this area. Carmine Rosato's Family took over briefly in 1959, but Dominic retook the whole area in the war that made his reputation. However, the Gambinos moved in and took over most of the neighborhood, as the Corleones moved to Las Vegas and the Trapanis were reduced to a few made men, while their representation of the Corleones in New York was given up to the Clemenza crime family, not Dominic.

In 1979, twenty years later, a series of grisly murders occurred here following the Lufthansa Heist. Lucchese associates Parnell Edwards, Tommy DeVito, Robert MacMahon, Joe Buddha, Frank Carbone, and Anthony Stabile were murdered here during the purge of the Cicero Crew to make it so that none of the heist associates could become informants, and so that their boss Jimmy Conway could get all of their money as their share.

Currently, Queens has a large amount of Messina crime family associates, as the neighborhoods of Corona and Jackson Heights had a large Italian-American population. It was the territory of the Pisano Crew, led by Capo Walter Pisano.

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