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Racket Truck

Hijacking a racket truck.

A racket truck is a truck that carries racket merchandise (such as drugs, guns, or whiskey) from warehouses to the rackets, disguised as regular trucks.

History Edit

Racket trucks carry illegal products such as drugs, illegal liqor, and firerams, while appearing to be regular trucks. The first people to use these trucks were the Chicago Outfit, who smuggled liquor to their fronts and hideouts, in order to illegally sell it during Prohibition. Soon, other crime families followed the example, and racket trucks carried other items, such as Black Market merchandise like firearms, bombs, and drugs. Racket trucks were commonly hijacked by other families, who delivered them to drop-off points at their own warehouses and rackets to supply them. The trucks cost thousands of dollars, and their capture gave all of the money to the opposing family. In the 1960s, Lucchese associate Jimmy Conway was known for stealing trucks for a living, hijacking them to get money for himself. That was how he became rich. The trucks were vital to the distribution system, as they transported most of the objects that made money at rackets.

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