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Previous: 2008 Faustin-Petrovic War
Red Hook Warehouse Ambush
Conflict: Bellic-Rascalov War
Date: May 22, 2008
Place: Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York City
Outcome: Niko Bellic escapes

Hillside Posse

Bulgarin Family
Rascalov Family


Nikolai Bellic
Little Jacob

Dimitri Rascalov
Ray Bulgarin


2 gunmen

20 mobsters



all hitmen killed

The Red Hook Warehouse Ambush was a shootout that occured on May 23, 2008, in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, on the waterfront. The Russian Mafia attempted to murder Niko Bellic, who did not remember to pay his debts to Ray Bulgarin, but Bellic and his friend Little Jacob killed all of the hitmen and escaped the NYPD.

Background Edit

Following the assassination of Faustin crime family Don Mikhail Faustin, Nikolai Bellic was due for payment by Underboss Dimitri Rascalov, who met with Petrovic crime family Don Kenny Petrovic and arranged a truce, ending the 2008 Faustin-Petrovic War. Rascalov arranged for a meeting on the Brooklyn waterfront at Red Hook, in a warehouse, where he would pay Bellic his hit contract money. Bellic was accompanied by Little Jacob, the Underboss of the Hillside Posse, who was friends with him and wanted to keep him safe.

When they arrived, Rascalov introduced Ray Bulgarin back to Niko Bellic, as Bulgarin was not only the Don of the Bulgarin crime family, but an old enemy of Bellic. Bulgarin and Rascalov attempted to kill Niko, and Little Jacob stepped in, and a gunfight began.

Battle Edit

Bellic and Jacob shot it out with the Russian Mafia, killing several of them. More Bulgarin hitmen arrived at the scene as Rascalov and Bulgarin fled the warehouse in their limousines, and soon, the NYPD arrived at the Red Hook Warehouse. Jacob and Bellic drove off in an NYPD Squad Car, escaping the shootout, and driving to the Homebrew Cafe in Brooklyn.

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