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Richard Castanetta
Biographical Information
Aliases Ricky Cast
Gender Male
Born March 2, 1910
Little Italy, New York City
Died February 11, 1959
Queens, New York City
Affiliation Corleone Corleone
CR Carmine Rosato
Title(s) Enforcer
Richard Castanetta was an Italian-American mobster from New York City, and was associated with Carmine Rosato. Castanetta was one of the guards of Sweet Life Bakery, and was the first mobster to be killed in the Carmine Rosato War.

Biography Edit

Castanetta was born to Enrico Castanetta and Angelica Lombardi, two Italian immigrants from Castellamare del Golfo, Sicily. Castanetta became involved with the Sicilian Mafia, and became an associate of the Corleone crime family. He ran DelMonte's Pizza, a pizza parlor on Mott Street, as a front, and once beat owner Lazaro Angelico viciously when he did not pay his dues to the Mob. Castanetta defected to rogue Capo Carmine Rosato when he defected in the civil war that ensued, and Castanetta switched to guarding the Sweet Life Bakery, near the Corleone Compound.

In February 1959, he was the first mobster to be whacked by the Corleones in the war. The boss of the Trapani crime family (and Corleone Capo) Dominic attacked the bakery, and shot up the racket, and Castanetta was killed while watching the strippers perform. His body was disposed of at SaniCo Incineration, which was a Corleone drug racket as well. 

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