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Richie Discenza
Richie Discenza
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born March 18, 1925
Queens, NYC
Died April 20, 1959
Queens, New York
Affiliation CR Carmine Rosato crime family
Title(s) Associate
Richie Discenza was an Italian-American shopkeeper and a part-time associate of the Carmine Rosato crime family (more of a gang than a mob). He was the owner of Richie's Bar in Queens, where Carmine Rosato attempted to have Corleone Capo Frank Pentangeli killed. In later 1959, he was killed by the Corleones for aiding this attempt.

Biography Edit

Discenza was born in Queens, New York, to Italian parents Guido Fausto Discenza and Maria Della Torre, immigrants from Bagheria. Discenza lived in an apartment with only one bathroom that was used by four people. In 1943, he began working at his parents' bar in Queens, originally called the Discenza Bar, but later renamed "Richie's Tavern". Discenza's parents died in 1958, but after he became good friends with Trapani Capo Carmine Rosato, and as a favor to him, let him run his shop in exchange for a few of his men being employed as workers at the bar; his brother died in 1957 of leukemia.

In 1959, Carmine Rosato became an independent mob boss and Discenza abandoned the Clemenzas' boss Frank Pentangeli, becoming an associate in Carmine's criminal empire. In February, however, he was forced to work with Dominic after he extorted Richie, threatening to throw him off the rooftops of his tavern. Discenza was paid off by Carmine to take part in an attempt on the life of Corleone capo Frank Pentangeli, who was at odds with the Rosato Brothers. Discenza allowed the bar to be used as the location of the event, and Pentangeli was suffocated within an inch of his life with a garrote wire. Discenza, from then on, became a marked man for the Corleones, despite his deal.

In April, Dominic and a crew of three Trapani made men drove up to Richie's Bar to get payback, after warfare in Miami. Dominic and his men were hungry for revenge, as they were nearly killed in the ambush at the tavern. They exited their black sedan and entered the bar, as if to get a drink. They calmly walked upstairs to the rooftop, which was the "second floor" of the bar, where Discenza was standing. He was near several Corleone triggermen employed by Dominic to defend the bar after its capture. Dominic hurled a glass bottle at Discenza's head, shoving him backwards and off the balcony, falling to his death. His bar closed, but was run by a different owner.

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