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Rick Platano
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born June 14, 1949
Miami, Florida
Died June 20, 1986
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Mafia Forelli
Title(s) Soldier
Rick Platano was an Italian-American mobster who was a made man in the Forelli crime family, holding the rank of Soldier. Platano was one of Capo Vincent Gambezo's crew in Miami. In June 1986, Platano was murdered by Tommy Vercetti.

Biography Edit

Platano was born in Miami to Italian immigrant parents, raised among future criminals in a seedy Cuban neighborhood. Platano became associated with the Forelli crime family when the Forellis moved their operations into Florida, and he was made under the regime of Vincent Gambezo. Platano was responsible for the mob murders of 1984, and failed in his attempt to murder Phil Collins, a famous British singer whose record manager owed him money. Platano's enforcers sent to kill Collins were murdered by Victor Vance, head of the Vance crime family, and the hit contracts failed.

In 1986, Platano was sent to kill Tommy Vercetti, a Forelli associate who betrayed the family by founding the Vercetti Gang out his conquests rather than pay tribute to his own family. Vercetti murdered several of Platano's men, but Platano murdered Augustine Bianchi, an enforcer of the Vercetti Gang that ran operations in Little Havana. Platano tried to kill Vercetti as he was cruising around the streets putting out hits on Forelli gangsters, but he was killed when Vercetti shot him with an SMG.

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