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Robert Stolarz (1900-1954) was a Jewish businessman from Las Vegas who was an old business partner of Moe Greene. He was murdered by Greene, who put it in Fredo Corleone's car's trunk. His body was discovered by the NJPD, but mobster Aldo Trapani blew up the car with dynamite before an investigation could begin.

Biography Edit

Stolarz was born to German Jewish parents who immigrated from Kiel to America to seek a better life. He was born in Las Vegas, and became an entrepreneur, running the Tropigala Casino alongside Meyer Klingman. He became an ally of mobster Moe Greene, but soon became a business rival and Greene offed him with a Tommy Gun to prevent him from gaining power. The body was put in the car of Corleone mobster Fredo Corleone, a friend of Greene, and was discovered when the car was hauled in over a parking violation. Aldo Trapani, an Underboss of the Corleone family, snuck into the New Jersey Police Station and blew up the car to avoid leaving the NJPD any evidence of the murder.

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