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Montana enforcer
Ronaldo Gutierrez
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born January 15, 1950
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Died December 11, 1983
Miami, Florida
Affiliation Montana Montana Cartel
Title(s) Enforcer
Ronaldo Gutierrez was a Cuban-American immigrant who was a hired gunman acting as an enforcer for the Montana Cartel.

Biography Edit

Gutierrez's first job for Tony Montana was killing four key gangsters of the Gomez Cartel. Gutierrez and Gino Orleno killed two of them in a parking lot of a grocery store, and the other two gangsters were whacked in front of a condominium.

Gutierrez was paid $30,000 for the job, and proceeded to attack a gang nest from the Diaz Gang in the center of a green zone. He killed all of the gangsters, but the police arrived, and Gutierrez was killed.

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