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Hyman Roth

Hyman Roth in 1958

The Roth Syndicate, also known as the Roth crime family, was a Jewish-Italian organized crime syndicate that was founded in 1920 by Hyman Roth during Prohibition, which became a casino-operating family by the 1940s, and became one of the strongest Jewish families in America.

History Edit


A young Hyman Zuchowsky in 1920

The Roth Syndicate was founded in 1920 during Prohibition by Polish Jew Hyman Roth, who had immigrated to the United States and created a powerful organization that soon became one of the most powerful New York organized crime syndicates, and the most powerful Jewish one, rivaling the Rothstein Gang for kingpin-ship. 

The Roth Family allied with the Corleone crime family in 1927 and Vito Corleone and Hyman Roth ran molasses in Canada and the Midwest during the time of Prohibition as a front for their operations, and they were both key in the development of the Las Vegas strip with aid from Roth's assets in the city, including Moe Greene and Akub Goldberg

The Syndicate was diverse in their nationalities; although the gang was Jewish and most of their members were Jewish, they also recruited Italians and other nationalities into their outfit, making it more of a gang than an actual family. However, it was influential on the Italian Mafia and The Commission, and Roth was instrumental in uniting all of the Italian, Cuban, and Jewish families in the 1950s during the casino era of Havana, Cuba, distributing hotels to various parties on the eve of his retirement in 1958. 

However, with the Cuban Revolution, the mob lost all of their casinos and whorehouses and Roth was attacked by the Granados crime family, who were jealous and wanted to take over the city of Miami from his organization, with Roth calling on the help of a rising star, Dominic, who was the new overboss of the Trapani crime family, a satellite family of the Corleones that was given control of New York while Michael Corleone moved to Nevada. The Roths attempted to destroy Dominic later on by bringing him into conflict with the Mangano crime family and Almeida crime family; the first by sending hitmen to Dominic's house that appeared to be Manganos, and the latter by tipping Esteban Almeida off about an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro, and Dominic barely managed to escape. Hyman Roth was killed in 1960 after the senate trial against Michael Corleone ended and Senator Pat Geary revealed Roth's treachery, and Dominic killed Roth at the Miami International Airport

Members Edit

Overboss: Hyman Roth

Underboss: Johnny Ola and Moe Greene

Consigliere: Meyer Klingman

Caporegimes: Eddie Pennino, Dino Pennino, Eddie Levine, Mortie Whiteshoes, and Jake Cohen

Soldati: Steven Ciccoricco, Rex Perkins, Sergio Reed, Billy Bacherelli, Joe Pazzi, Paul Credi and Sam Roth