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Theodore Ruiz

Theodore Ruiz

Theodore Ruiz's Regime was a small family run by Granados crime family Capo Theodore Ruiz, which lasted from 1958 to 1959. Ruiz ruled the Granados' territories in Flamingo, while fellow capos Johnny Salazar ran Dodge Island and Anthony Espinoza ran Triboro.

History Edit

Theodore Ruiz was originally a Capo in the Granados crime family, which gave him his own territory by titular right. Rico Granados gave him the Spanish neighborhood of Flamingo, where he prospered with his own small regime. Ruiz's crew included Thomas Ramos and Paul Morales, two veterans and brutal soldiers. Ruiz lost Thomas Ramos in a failed attack, and both Paul Morales and Theodore Ruiz were killed at Basso Oil Fill & Co.

Members Edit

Captain (Boss): Theodore Ruiz

Soldati: Paul Morales and Thomas Ramos

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