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Salvatore Luciano
Biographical Information
Aliases Sal
Gender Male
Born August 27, 1930
Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn
Died December 11, 1955
Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn
Affiliation Barzini Barzini
Title(s) Associate
Salvatore "Sal" Luciano was an American truck driver who was an associate of the Barzini crime family. He was killed in 1955 in the hijacking of his truck.

Biography Edit

Luciano was born in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, to Gabriela Vespucci and Andrea Luciano, two Sicilian immigrants. Luciano made his business as a truck driver be known when he took up a job as a racket truck delivery man, working for the Barzini crime family as an associate. Luciano's truck was hijacked in 1955 shortly after the Five Families War ended, and was forced to give the keys to the Corleone crime family, whose Underboss Aldo Trapani proceeded to kill him and deliver the truck, worth $8,900, to his safehouse.

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