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Carmine Fracasi
Samuel Hollande
Biographical Information
Aliases "Sammy Whammy"
Gender Male
Born August 16, 1956
Staten Island, New York City
Died November 9, 2008
Long Island City, Brooklyn
Affiliation Mafia Pavano crime family
Title(s) Soldier
Samuel Hollande was an Italian-American criminal who was a made member of the Pavano crime family, under Capo Carmine Fracasi. Hollande was killed in 2008 by The Lost MC gang in an ambush in Brooklyn.

Biography Edit

Hollande was born to two parents who came from 100% Sicilian background, from the town of Trapani. Hollande was born in Staten Island, but his family moved to Brooklyn in 1962, when he was six years old. Hollande grew up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood, and all of his friends were Italians. Hollande grew up around mobsters, and he became an enforcer for the Pavano crime family. Hollande was arrested in 1983 for loan sharking, and again in 1990 for extortion, and by then, he was an associate in the family, running Hollande Brewery in Sheepshead Bay.

Hollande was "made" by Capo Carmine Fracasi in 1999, after committing the murder of Richard Henry, Sr., who was a corrupt NYPD officer who was responsible for the jailing of many Pavano gangsters. Hollande escaped the Police, as corrupt officer Francis McReary was in charge. Hollande upgraded the Brewery to become one of the largest factories in New York City, renaming it Sheepshead Brewery. He made $550,000 a year, but paid tribute weekly to his bosses. Hollande made twice the money he did before by removing all of his rivals via murders and bombings, and he extorted transport hubs and warehouses belonging to other families so that he had more racket trucks and cases of liquor. Hollande was the prime money-maker of the Pavano crime family, and was an important made member.

Death Edit

Hollande caused trouble for The Lost MC, a powerful biker gang that had territory in Coney Island and New Jersey, but its operations extended to Manhattan as well. The Lost wanted a liquor license for their new rackets opening up, so they knew that they could steal Hollande's high-level pass. They attacked Hollande at 12:00 AM underneath the overpass of Jackson Heights, killing Hollande and all of his associates, who were traveling in black sedans and Cavalcades. Hollande was shot many times in the chest by an M4A1 Carbine, during a gun battle that involved grenades as well as MP5s and other firearms.

Hollande's body, along with Peter Gravano and James Loperelli, were thrown into a ditch in Long Island City by The Lost, hoping to avoid police heat. The corpses were found by the NYPD a week later, identifying his dead body by his fingerprints.

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