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Second Lost MC-Albanian War
Gang War
Date: December 21, 2008
Place: Ward's Island, New York City
Outcome: Albanians victory
Major Battles: Ward Island Shootout

LMC The Lost MC

Albanian Mob Albanians


Johnny Klebitz
Clay Simons
Terry Thorpe


The Second Lost MC-Albanian War was a gang war between The Lost and the Albanians that occurred in December 2008 on Ward's Island, where the bikers assaulted an Albanian Mafia hangout.

War Edit

The Lost MC President Johnny Klebitz rounded up biker members Clay Simons, Terry Thorpe, Monty, and a few others, and attacked an Albanian Gang hideout on Ward's Island, sniping from an overpass on the Triboro Bridge. The bikers killed at least ten of the Albanians before some red Albanian sedans arrived on the highway, and a firefight began there as well. Klebitz was wounded while reloading his Carbine M4A1, and was hospitalized, while his bikers fled from the turf, and the Albanians successfully defended their territory.

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