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Second Lost MC-Jamaican War
Gang War
Conflict: Gang wars
Date: October 24, 2008
Place: Roosevelt Island, New York City
Outcome: Hillside Posse victory

The Lost MC

Hillside Posse


Johnny Klebitz



7 bikers

30 gangsters


one wounded

10 killed

The Second Lost MC-Jamaican War was a gang war between The Lost Brotherhood and the Hillside Posse of the HSM. The Lost attacked a cemetary on Roosevelt Island that the Hillside Posse used as a base, and slaughtered them.

War Edit

Johnny Klebitz, this time without his now-deceased friend Jim Fitzgerald, met with his gang of bikers in Chinatown, riding on their motorcycles to Roosevelt Island, where they attacked a gang hideout of the Hillside Posse, their rivals. The Lost engaged in a shootout at the Roosevelt Island Cemetary, and it raged for almost five minutes. More and more Hillside Posse gangsters arrived in their green vans, and eventually, Klebitz was shot, so the Lost MC retreated.

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