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Second Pavano War
Carmine Fracasi
Conflict: Mob wars
Date: March 18-May 12, 2009
Place: New York City
Outcome: Valvona Faction victory

Valvona Faction

Fracasi Faction


Maria Valvona
George Bindo
Ralph Mileoni

Carmine Fracaso


1,000 mobsters

200 mobsters


230 killed

150 killed

The Second Pavano War was a New York City mob war that occured in 2009 between the Pavano crime family factions of Maria Valvona and Carmine Fracasi. Fracasi was murdered in May, ending the conflict.

Background Edit

Maria Valvona was the crime boss of the Pavano crime family from 1992 onwards, after the murder of her husband Mario Valvona. She had several romantic partners who were also career criminals, despite her being sixty years old. She was a powerful Don for a woman, and made enemies with the Pegorino crime family of New Jersey. The Pavanos were thrown into chaos following the Pavano-Pegorino War of 2008, in which all of Mike Salvani's crew were killed at Auto Eroticar. The defeat in this mob war made Capo Carmine Fracasi suspicious of Valvona's power, so he attempted to kill her.

War Edit

Carmine Fracasi set a car bomb under Valvona's Schafter, a black sports car, but it killed her driver and bodyguard, before Valvona could get into the vehicle. Capo George Bindo, a former friend of Fracasi in grade school, betrayed him, telling Valvona that he was the one who planted the bomb. Fracasi gathered 200 followers, and they carried out a string of mob murders against Valvona's Faction's loyalists, and violence continued for a while. However, on May 12, Fracasi's quiet birthday, he was shot four times in the back on the pier of Shoreside, Queens, and fell into the West River. His death marked the abrupt end of the war.

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