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Gautiero Sergi

The Sergi Crew was a set of the Pegorino crime family, which was named after Gautiero Sergi, the Captain of the Crew from 2000. It was made up of three soldiers and eleven enforcers, whose hangout was at a trash dump on Phalanx Road, across the street from Honkers, a gentlemen's club, where they were eliminated in 2008.

History Edit

In 2000, Gautiero Sergi became the captain of a newly-formed crew of Pegorino made men and enforcers, numbering fifteen men in total. Sergi was in charge of the Mafia turf of Lodi, New Jersey, which included the gentlemen's club of Honkers, run by Consigliere Phil Bell. The crew hung out in a trash heap across Phalanx Road, next to the club. The Mafia were involved in turf wars with The Lost MC and the Angels of Death, two motorcycle clubs who had a strong presence in the Jersey City area, on the New Jersey waterfront. In response to the Mafia's actions against him, Lost MC President Johnny Klebitz rallied a gang of seven bikers and drove to the Pegorino hangout and, in a massive shootout, killed every Pegorino enforcer, soldier, and Capo.

Members Edit

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