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Shepard Gang

Tim Shepard and his men.

The Shepard Gang was a gang of greasers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was active from 1967 to 1980. It was founded by Tim Shepard, a notorious gangster who was later murdered in 1980 trying to rob Sam Falcone's, a hangout for the Socs.

Biography Edit

The Shepard Gang was founded by Tim Shepard, a twenty-one year old gangster from Tulsa. They were a large gang for a small southwestern town, with over 30 members in 1967. They were allied to the Curtis Brothers, another greaser gang who were from their area, as Tim Shepard was friends with Dallas Winston, a member of that gang. He was also allied to the Brumly Boys from the suburb of Brumly, and his enemies were the Socs, upper-class teenagers who beat up greasers. Other members of the Shepard Gang included Curly Shepard, his brother. Tim Shepard's gang hung out near the Tulsa Park in the center of the city, at the railroad tracks. That year, they aided the Curtis Brothers and the Brumly Boys in a rumble that beat off the Socs, ending the 1967 Tulsa gang war. The result of this was more and more clashes in the Socs-Greaser conflict, lasting from 1959 to present. Tim Shepard's gang was not as active as they were before, and Tim Shepard was killed in a robbery of a bar in the West Side. Curly Shepard is currently serving a life sentence for murder, breaking and entering, and attempted murder.