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Shmuel Rossman
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born November 16, 1962
Flushing, Queens
Died September 20, 2008
Central Park, Midtown
Affiliation Star of David Roth crime family
Title(s) Capo
Shmuel (also known as Samuel) Rossman was an American mobster who was a made member of the Jewish criminal organization in the NYC Metropolitan Area. Rossman was a Capo, and was under the command of Underboss Mori Green. Rossman was killed in a diamond deal gone wrong in 2008.

Biography Edit

Rossman was born in the neighborhood of Queens, New York City, to Abraham Rossman and Katerina Yvez. Rossman's family originated in Czechoslovakia, while Yvez came from the Mandate of Palestine. Rossman grew up in a Hebrew-speaking household, in a predominantly-Jewish section of the town. He worked at Rossman's Pharmacy as a teenager, owned by his uncle Yitzhak Rossman. He made little money, so he borrowed money from a local crime boss, Isaac Roth, whom he had met through connections with his uncle. Roth in turn ordered him to do jobs for him to pay off his $150,000 college student loans and to get him a car, including bombing certain people's cars and throwing Molotov Cocktails at rival businesses.

Rossman eventually became suited to the mobster lifestyle, and graduated from Harvard Law School, becoming a lawyer as well as an associate of the family, since he put rival made men in their places. Shmuel was initiated into the family as a full member in 1994, and was responsible for keeping watch on other families, suing them if Roth needed money or if he wanted a sting.

Rossman was made a Capo in 2001, and established friendly relations with Underboss Mori Green, his superior. He was in charge of security during the meeting with Pegorino crime family associates Johnny Klebitz and Nikolai Bellic in 2008 at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (closed by then, since it was nighttime), in which they would hand over diamonds to the Jewish Mafia in exchange for money. Rossman had 10 enforcers accompany him, while many Pegorino enforcers were waiting outside in their sedans, but a few were inside the museum at the time of the deal.

Rossman was one of the mobsters killed in the meet when Luis Fernando Lopez, sent to steal back the diamonds. Lopez appeared in the balcony overlooking the deal and shot Green, Rossman, and two other associates with an M4A1 Carbine, and the meeting turned into an NYPD shootout with the Jewish Mafia, Pegorinos, and The Lost MC (Klebitz betrayed the Pegorinos, stealing the diamonds and shooting it out with all of the other three parties), while Niko Bellic also killed every man except for himself, since he was only aiming to escape.

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