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Jamaican Soldier
Bartholomew Bridgerton
Biographical Information
Aliases Skinny Bart
Gender Male
Born October 3, 1971
Kingston, Jamaica
Affiliation Jamaican Mafia Hillside Posse
Title(s) Soldier
Skinny Bart is a Jamaican-American gangster who was formerly a member of the Hillside Posse, before he was sentenced to 130 years in prison for cocaine possession, murder, and drug dealing.

Biography Edit

Bartholomew Bridgerton was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but his family moved to America in 1985, and he learned English; he was a Rastafarian. Bart became involved with the Hop-Skotch Mafia (Jamaican Mafia), and was associated with the Hillside Mafia from 1999 to 2002, when he was "made" as a soldier. Skinny Bart was a part of Big Albert's regime, and committed a few gang murders, chiefly Russians. In 2001, he was arrested for 130 years, taking the sentence of his Capo to sacrifice himself; his boss served only two years, what Skinny Bart served. He is still in prison, carrying out the full sentence.

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