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Russian Mob

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The Sokolov crime family, also known as the Los Angeles Bratva, was a Russian Mafia organized crime syndicate that ruled The Attrium, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. They were notorious for arms dealership with the Ballas gang, but played a small part in the gang warfare otherwise.

History Edit

Russian mobsters

Russian mobsters in a firefight.

German Sokolov founded the organization in 1989 when he moved with his underground organization to America, hiring employees of Russian descent, but he also employed non-Russians, including African-Americans, Ukrainians, Belarusians, a few Asians, and some Mexicans. Sokolov's main business was diamond smuggling and arms smuggling, though he also bought a share of drugs in Los Angeles and smuggled cars into the USA from Russia. In 1992, the Grove Street Families gang waged war on the Ballas, and also took over territory from the Russian Mafia, following an ambush in Idlewood by Mafia goons. The GSF took over the Russian Mafia's territory by the end of 1993, and Sokolov died of natural causes in 2001. His successor, former Underboss Ida Kosimov, re-established Mafia presence in Los Angeles, and resumed trading with the gangs there, and became involved in the narcotics trade in 2005. 

History Edit

Pakhan: German Sokolov

Brigadier: Artur Yefremov

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