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The Chechen
Stepan Kassimov
Biographical Information
Aliases "The Chechen"
Gender Male
Born July 1, 1967
Grozny, Chechnya
Died July 27, 2008
The Narrows, New York City
Affiliation Chechen Gang
Title(s) Don
Stepan "The Chechen" Kassimov was a Los Angeles crime boss who was the first leader of the Chechen Gang, which was among the dominant gangs in the city. He was a business partner of the Maroni crime family, Falcone crime family, Gambol Gang, and Dimitrov crime family, who were powerful organized crime syndicates. In 2008, he was betrayed by Don Salvatore Maroni, who shot to death in a waterfront warehouse and fed his remains to his famous dogs.

Biography Edit

Kassimov was born in Chechnya to Chechen parents in the Soviet Union, amidst racial violence between the Russians and Chechen people. Kassimov immigrated to the United States in 1990, and formed the Chechen Gang in Los Angeles.

The Chechen's outfit, once weak due to Carmine Falcone's near monopoly on illegal drug trafficking and political corruption, found new strength picking up the pieces of Falcone's empire after his fall in 2005. He was a participant in the turf wars of Los Angeles, but with the wars over he has now formed something of a friendship with Sal Maroni, eating and discussing business with him. His main interest seems to be drugs, but as Falcone's shipments have stopped and with Harvey Dent arresting or scaring away most reliable suppliers, he desperately enters a deal with the Falcone associate Jonathan Crane to supply drugs. Understandably, he is enraged to learn the true nature of the drugs the freak sold to him. He confronted the Scarecrow with his men and a pack of Rottweiler attack dogs at his side. As Crane gleefully reminds him he is the Chechen's only available supplier in Gotham, the NYPD raided the meeting in the car garage and nearly killed him, escaping as his enforcers were gunned down.

He later formed an alliance with fellow mob leaders Salvatore Maroni, the Italian mob boss; Chen Lau, the Chinese mob boss; and Michael Gambol, the black mob boss, to launder the mob's profits. They formed a close business relationship until government crackdowns on organized crime occured under Commissioner James Gordon, marking bills and getting rid of laundered cash. Lau was entrusted with the mob's money in Hong Kong, since the police and Triads alike were on his side. However, Chinese special forces stormed his penthouse and Lau was arrested, brought to prison in the ICU building in Los Angeles. His clients arranged for him to be put out on parole, while Kassimov and Maroni were arrested for interrogation at a restaurant.

Kassimov was murdered in 2008 by Maroni after he came under police heat, as he was too hot. He was brought to a warehouse in the Narrows, and was executed by being shot, then chopped up and fed to his Rottweilers.

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