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Steven Blunt
Biographical Information
Aliases "Steve"
Gender Male
Born April 6, 1973
Elizabeth, New Jersey
Died April 28, 2008
Newark, New Jersey
Affiliation Angels of Death
Title(s) Soldier
Steven Blunt was a member of the Angels in America, part of the Angels of Death biker gang. In 2008, he was killed by Billy Grey, the leader of their rivals, The Lost MC, and this began the Lost-AOD War.

Biography Edit

Blunt was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, to two poor parents. In 1990, as a young adult, he joined the Angels of Death gang, as he loved motorcycles and causing trouble. Blunt was responsible for various murders in the intermittent wars with The Lost MC gang of Newark, and in 2008, he was murdered in a Lost MC attack on an AOD warehouse where they stored LMC President Billy Grey's bike after his Vice-President Johnny Klebitz gave it to them as a peace offering.

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