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North Holland Hustlers
Tyler Hall
Biographical Information
Aliases T-Bone
Gender Male
Born August 2, 1969
The Bronx, New York City
Died May 25, 2008
South Bronx, New York City
Affiliation North Holland Hustlers
Title(s) Drug dealer
Tyler "T-Bone" Hall was an African-American drug dealer who was one of the many dealers in South Bronx, New York City. Hall was murdered by Manny Escuela, the leader of the Spanish Lords and a vigilante.

Biography Edit

Hall was born in The Bronx to an African-American family, and became an early drug addict at the age of eleven. Hall soon got his hands on the substances, and murdered his dealer when he turned eighteen and stole his cocaine. Hall purchased a safehouse in South Bronx, and sold his crack on the streets. He was formerly a contact of Manny Escuela, but in 2008, Escuela hunted him down after he changed his ways and wanted to "clean up the streets" by killing "leeches" like him. Hall was followed from his apartment to a warehouse in South Bronx by Escuela and Nikolai Bellic, and they killed Hall and all of his allies.

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