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Tattaglia Compound

The Tattaglia compound in Brooklyn

The Tattaglia Compound was the household of the Tattaglia crime family in northern Brooklyn, where Don Philip Tattaglia and his family lived. In 1950, it was blown up during the Five Families War.

History Edit

Philip Tattaglia

Philip Tattaglia in 1951.

The Tattaglia Compound was constructed in 1933 by Philip Tattaglia, who wanted a stronghold where his family would always be safe. He purchased additions to his house, including a wine cellar, a large olive garden, and two other houses where his made men and buttonmen could rest in times of mob war. The house had a private park next to it, and several hired guns protecting the roads near it with barricades of crates and cars. In 1950, during the Five Families War, Corleone capo Salvatore Tessio ordered the destruction of the compound to hamper the Tattaglia distribution rackets; the house had several of the family's cars. He sent soldier Aldo Trapani to blow it up, so Trapani left several empty coats on the road, killing all of the guards and planting bombs in both basements of the armories. After the compound was repaired, it became property of the Trapani crime family, and the bombing of the Tattaglia Compound solidified Corleone control over Brooklyn.

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