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Terrence O'Dougal
Biographical Information
Aliases "Tod"
Gender Male
Born June 14, 1983
Hoboken, New Jersey
Died September 5, 2008
North Bergen, New Jersey
Affiliation Angels of Death
Title(s) Associate
Terrence O'Dougal, known also by his initials "Tod", was an American biker who was a lieutenant in the Angels of Death gang that operated in New Jersey. Tod was killed in 2008.

Biography Edit

Tod was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, to an Irish family. He was a huge KISS fan as a child, and he became obsessed with the rock n' roll lifestyle, so he joined the Angels of Death biker gang. Tod became a lieutenant in the AOD, and was murdered in North Bergen in September 2008. His whole posse of 15 bikers were gunned down in the middle of the street by The Lost Brotherhood, and he tried to flee, but Johnny Klebitz shot him dead with an SMG.

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