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Italian mobsters

The Terry Gang was a gang founded in Chicago by Adam Terry, who was an Irish-Italian career criminal, in 1930. The Terry Gang were affiliated with the South Side Gang of Al Capone, but Al Capone's Capo Frank Nitti killed all of them at their hideout at St. Michael's Bar in the North Side without permission.

History Edit

Adam Terry was born to Michael Terry and Marianna Spilotro, of Irish and Italian descent, although he was also part Turkish on his mother's side. Terry founded his own gang in the projects of the South Side, starting with 20 members. When he started extorting rackets, he made more money and recruited more members, and the Terry Gang became powerful. They were allied to Al Capone, and fought Bugs Moran's North Side Gang, but in 1933, Frank Nitti, the Caporegime of the Chicago Outfit, murdered all of them at their bar, since one of the Terry Gang had destroyed his car.

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